funkylastics showroom
funkylastics showroom

funkylastics showroom

this is the show room of    Gina Ghazal    fine design for  merchandising items worldwide, handbags out of her collection  "Day and Night" ,  luxury indian beauty products..all cruelty free ! (NOT tested on animals !!), indian tops (special elastic fabrics), kaftans (arabian dresses)..... any case you can contact the designer thru email, for orders and questions to it  !! 


Thank You for joining

start of my very special flower collection as poster size A3 or as stationary note- and letter blocks with envelopes to write beautiful notes or letters on

or just have it as decoration on the wall as wall art

size also on demand

..see for  the  12th of june 2020 on its site "stationary"  !!


..and for all novelties  outstanding products are coming  !!


coffe mug collection

"diamond metallic"

price 32 euro, plus shipping

collection coffe mugs .."funkylastics" comic art

cosy raglan sweat shirt 003331


new entrance  april 2018 !

!! start of a whole collection of raglan shirts with or without hood !!


please see the site for it  "merchandising items"

this beautiful shirt with hood is sold out, but the design will continue on other shirts that i choosed for..please have a look out from the 12th of june 2020 new products are announced ..i can´t wait to show them  !!





elegant 100% cotton shirt for ladies

perfectly matching over tight elastic pants


!!  please see insite for designed prints available  !!


art. no. 003322

prize 47 euro including shipping worldwide


sizes S, M, L, XL

this is my recommended item for be changed weekly, for You Dear Customer to inform you about the news and any special item

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