funkylastics showroom
funkylastics showroom

luxury indian beauty products     ....all cruelty free

please watch out for the new extended product line of also arabian beauty products..of course all  "cruelty free"..available from march 2024 on  !!

Toothpaste Ayurveda ingredients all indian herbs of the company "Vicco" made in India prize is 12 € plus shipping
"Mysore" sandalwood soap out of pure rich sandalwood, manufactured by the governement factory of Mysore India prize is 14€ plus s
very recommendable as a Lady´s present  !! "Mysore" sandalwood soap out of pure rich sandalwood, manufacrured by the governent factory of Mysore India, prize is 17,50€ plus shipping, worldwide
Room Spray of the company "Crown", original arabian roomspray, this one is "Sultan"..a very fresh but deep cinnamon wood scented parfume, very recommendable also to fresh up cloths before storing it in the wardrobe ! prize is 11€, plus shipping, worl
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